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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Having issues with your dryer system? Let us get it back up and running efficiently and call us at 800.833.3594 or 602-613-0640 or fill out form and speak with an expert.

Customers will need to call for one of our experts to do a walkthrough of the place of business to receive a free estimate.

Schedule routine maintenance for your commercial establishment by opting for regular dryer vent cleaning services. Our professional team caters to a variety of businesses, including laundromats, hair salons, doctors’ and veterinarian offices, hotels, hospitals, and more. Certain commercial properties may require dryer vent servicing multiple times throughout the year, especially those with high dryer usage. Ensure optimal performance and safety by staying proactive with timely cleanings.

Thorough Vent Inspection: Each dryer cleaning project begins with a thorough inspection. We put a small camera through the dryer vent to see where there is lint build-up and clogs. These hazards are noted and then quickly done away with. By doing a vent inspection we can learn of the different fire hazards and compliance issues we are facing.

Meticulous Cleaning Process: My Dryer Vent Cleaners remove anything that is causing your commercial dryer system to run poorly. We get rid of dryer lint, debris and fire hazard obstructions. We use the latest dryer vent equipment and vent cleaning technology to do this. By removing dryer lint, debris and obstructions, your dryer will have better airflow white significantly reducing the risk of fire hazards. No matter where your business is situated whether it is in Phoenix Arizona and surrounding cities, our cleaning service ensures optimal safety for your business.

Expert Maintenance Recommendations: In addition to cleaning your commercial dryer’s, our certified dryer exhaust technicians offer maintenance recommendations for commercial dryer vent systems in Phoenix Arizona or Surprise Arizona. Our licensed professionals provide guidance to Phoenix AZ and Surprise AZ businesses to ensure proper commercial dryer care and upkeep of their air duct and vent systems.

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Our focus is on making sure your commercial property and business is safe. With our latest technology in air duct and vent inspection, commercial dryer vent cleaning has never been safer, faster and more affordable. We make sure that you are compliant with Phoenix Arizona and Surprise Arizona fire codes. My Dryer Vent Cleaners are certified dryer exhaust technicians who are well-equipped to handle any dryer clog, lint buildup, or maintenance issues that may arise in your commercial dryer vent system.

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Highly Recommended

Showed up on time. Cleaned dryer vent out got clog out after I paid someone else to do and that company did a poor job. My Dryer Vent cleaner did it right and am now able to dry clothes. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Barry O.

Highly Professional

Tyler  was very professional. He explained everything he would perform and what it would cost before performing the service. Highly recommend this company.

Dave C.

Couldn't Be Happier

I recently had my dryer and dryer vent cleaned and couldn’t be happier. My clothes are now drying in a short amount of time instead of having to run 2-3 cycles. I will be using them every year!!

Carol K.